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Before It’s Too Late, Here Is a Quick Guide to Installing GA4

Google GA4 Installation Guide

Did you realize? Your current Google Analytics 3 (GA3) account will stop collecting traffic data in July 2023. Instead, you can only get traffic information using the brand-new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) product.

Therefore, if you implement the new GA4 tracking code on your website before the end of July, you will have (almost) year-over-year traffic when GA3 is shut off in July 2023.

Not sure where to begin with the setup and installation of GA4 on your website? I demonstrate how to install GA4 on your website in the video down below.

Therefore, to learn how to add it if you haven’t already, watch the video below.

It only takes ten minutes to complete the entire process, and it will be well worth it. In July 2023, you’ll thank us.